BJP packaging

Are you looking for a reliable supplier to solve the packing of your products? The packaging division of the BJP Company is involved in the manufacture of packaging for safe storage of your products in any field of business. We are be happy to provide complete consultancy in this area and will take care of everything until delivery. The packaging can be supplied on its own according to your requirements, or the products can be packed directly at our company and delivered to their destination.

Our complete offer of products and services

  • Foil packaging

    We produce a wide range of dimensions of packaging from bubble foil, foam foil, BOPP and CPP foil, PET 12my, POF, PE foil 20 my – 200 my.

  • Paper packaging

    We offer sheeting material of the grammage of 20g/m2 – 120g/m2, such as grayers, hat paper, kraft paper, printing paper.

  • Product packing

    We can pack various types of your products such as washing and cleaning agents, magazines with inserts of advertising items, toys, etc.

  • Labelling

    Thanks to our equipment, we are able to provide the labelling of goods and packaging according to your requirements.

  • Pouch and bag manufacture

    We make pouches with the side weld and folded bottom, bags with reinforced handhole and folded bottom, as well as rolled bags.

  • Welding and cutting

    We offer cutting and welding of tarpaulins and bags and hand welding small-series palletizing bags